Volition’s Spring 2020 deadline is Sunday, March 29th!

General Requirements

Volition has created a new online submission form to help simplify our submission process.

Submit your work here:

Please keep all written pieces under 1,250 words.

Volition is only accepting 5 Prose and Poetry submissions per person and 10 Art and Photography pieces per person. Submissions that exceed this limit will not be considered.

Be sure to include a title for every piece/file submitted. Think of your pieces as your children; we hope you would want to give them interesting and enticing names.  Titles also act as an advertisement for your work in the table of contents, and we do not want to have multiple pieces with the same title. Please include your full name as well.

What We Are Looking For

Short Stories, Plays, and Scripts (Fiction and Non-Fiction)




*Keep in mind that most of our magazine is in black and white. Although we have some color pages, we are always in need of art and photos which are either black and white or will look good in black and white.

Submission Periods

Fall Semester: September 4th through November 3rd
Spring Semester: January 21st through March 29th

What to Expect After Submitting

After submitting your work through our online system, you will receive a confirmation page thus confirming that we have received your work.

You will be notified if your piece has been selected to be in our journal approximately 1-3 weeks after the deadline for the submission period.

Prose pieces may be considered for print in excerpt form in our journal due to space limitations. All pieces may be considered for publication on our website.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!



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