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Below are a list of job descriptions.

Staff (Positions open for Art & Photography, Prose & Poetry, Graphic Design and Public Relations)

A fun and rewarding position. Each staff member is assigned to work with one of our major departments: Prose and Poetry, Art and Photography, Public Relations, or Graphic Design. Assignment is based upon your skills and interests. Staff members have the opportunity to run for an editor or officer position after volunteering with Volition for one year.

The following Positions require at least 1 semester of active participation within one of our previously mentioned departments:

Art & Photography Editor

Responsible for overseeing the Art & Photography department and collaborating with its associated staff members. The editor is also tasked with reviewing all art/photography submissions and ensuring that the content chosen for publication adheres to the highest standards of quality and creativity.

Prose & Poetry Editor 

In charge of the editing and layout of all prose and poetry in the journal, as well as reading through all prose and poetry submissions.

Public Relations Officer 

Responsible for updating information on our website and social media outlets, as well as advertising upcoming events and submission deadlines.

Design Director 

Should have experience with InDesign and be good at formatting pictures and text. Responsibilities include: design of the magazine; branding of the magazine; creating any graphics needed for the magazine layout or advertisement campaigns.

To apply to be on the Volition Staff, please fill out a Student Media Application Form.

Visit: and click “Apply Now!” 


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