Breaking into Spring

So now that the 80 degree weather has hit we here at Volition are working hard to get the magazine ready to publish all of your work.  Again, if you are like most of us here, your wonderful work is sitting on your desk, awaiting your final edit because you keep putting it off and want to allow your thoughts to ferment.

Well DON’T let the ferment TOO long.  The deadline is April 4th, a mere two weeks away!  And remember, even fine wine, if left fermenting too long turns to vinegar.  So don’t let your amazing work go sour and send it into us!

We are also anouncing a new contest week and closing another one.  Our cover competition has found a winner and will be announced later this week.  After seeing all this amazing talent at Open Mic Night we wanted to tap into that a bit too, so Volition is teaming up with WGMU for a lyric/song writing contest! We want your music, the winner will have their lyrics published in Volition and will be featured on WGMU for a chance to either play their song or have it played. The deadline is April 6th,  for all the info go to:

WGMU & Volition Magazine Present: Spring 2012 Song Writing Contest

So all you creative minds out there: SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT!

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