Fall Anouncements

We made it to October, and along the way we picked up a whole bunch of new cool events and contests:

Harvest Moon Cafe: come out for Mischief Night (Oct. 31st) and join Volition and WGMU for a night of scary stories and live music by The Ash Lovelies and Star FK Radium, not to mention a trip up at the astronomy tower to check out the moon. Check out the Events page for all the info.

Scary Story Contest: Final submissions are due the 26th and the winner will be announced at the Harvest Moon Cafe, not to mention receive $100.  Check out the Contest for more info.

Cover Contest: It’s back! Send in your black and white photo or art by November 15th for a chance to be on Volition Fall 2012 Cover! Check out the Contest for more info.

In the Works:

Open Mic Night: For all of you who want to read their poetry and prose out loud, or even act out a skit you wrote, this is the event for you.  Our bi-annual Open Mic Night is tentatively scheduled for November 15th.

Video Contest: We know its not just the writers with talent, and we have wanted to incorporate you struggling actors and directors for a long time, this semester MCN and Volition are teaming up for a 8 minute video contest.  The top three will be shown at the Open Mic Night and the winner will receive a cash prize.

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